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Stone Business History in Vietnam

That is the reason leading to the birth and development of the village has Hóa. Documents by the French, Russia (previously) has confirmed this.

Vietnam is a country of great potential stone Granite, Marble stones are distributed in many provinces especially Thanh Hoa with reserves of limestone from the great. This is the basis leading to the birth and development of the village who has been in recorded in the documents of France and Russia (previously).

Stone village Dong Son, Thanh Hoa has history of development and over 400 years, starting as a fine art, sculpture đục wear. From 70 of the previous century, with the help of countries like Russia XHCN and Khac Tiep, Vietnam has built factory stone flowers An Duong Hanoi and Thanh Hoa for the key in countries such as Lang is President, Supply cultural friendship Vietnamese - Xô.

80 decades, products have become the rock of goods to Vietnam to provide the following XHCN war. In 1987, began career development in the village wad 2 Dong Hung, Tan Dong Dong Son district, Thanh Hoa province, from the production plan of the State developed into goods - building materials Consumer domestic.

To 90 years, when Vietnam to speed up the reforms, open economy, industry limestone in Thanh Hoa expanded export market but still many difficulties due to backward technology.

In 1999, a businessman Netherlands has a new product to the village are made from black and green stone (bluestone) - a type of material is available in Thanh Hoa. Since then, the village Thanh Hoa concentrated production and export stone Wall tiles time according to the criteria of European customers, focusing primarily on markets Belgium, Holland and some other countries.

Today the demand of the market are increasing, technology exploitation and processing also has been investing innovation. Of black and green stone (bluestone) of Thanh Hoa have been upgraded in quantity and quality and the brand name market in some countries, especially European countries
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